We use hand crafts to re-purpose and re-use unwanted and unloved items giving them a new lease of life


All our candles are animal and cruelty free. Made from top grade soy wax, these luxurious candles are infused with warm, aromatic and relaxing scents. They make ideal and affordable gifts.  

Prices from £11.95 

Free delivery to UK mainland

Crafts just for You

This is a selection of various hand crafted items made by skilled artisans who take pride in producing quality wares just for you.                                                                                                                                                  

Prices from £14.95 

Free delivery to UK mainland

Garden and Wildlife

We have a selection of nest boxes, bat boxes, hedgehog houses, bird tables and bird feeders available.

These are hand crafted from reclaimed timber and designed to look great for both human and wildlife eyes.

Prices from £12.95

Free delivery to UK mainland

Home and Lifestyle

Various hand crafted items for the home from small gifts to large 'made to order' items such as logstores etc

We also source and 'upcycle' items of furniture from large dressers to small tables to meet your requirements.

Prices from £3.95 

Free delivery to UK mainland

What they say .......!

Its a bit crafty!! - a collection of local crafts made by local crafts people. Their passion shows through in the quality of their work.

Dave P

.Lovely products made by knowledgeable and friendly artisans.

Mary Allen

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